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TG862 GUI WAN Access

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TG862 GUI WAN Access


I tried everything to access the GUI of the TG862 but there`s no way to pass the login and password page.
Here`s a little bit of the configuration file there I`m sending to the CM.

Does anyone knows how to change the login and password? I really did everything.

SwUpgradeFilename "TS0705125_062314_NA.MODEL_862.GW.SIP.MONO.img";
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessCommunity.1 String "xxxxxxx";
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessControl.1 Integer 3; /* readWrite */
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessStatus.1 Integer 4; /* createAndGo */
SnmpMibObject docsDevSwAdminStatus.0 Integer 2; /* allowProvisioningUpgrade */
SnmpMibObject arrisRouterLanguage.0 String "Portuguese";
SnmpMibObject arrisRouterAdminPassword.0 String "password";
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessHttpWan.0 Integer 1; /* enable */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessHttpLan.0 Integer 1; /* enable */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessTelnetPassword.0 String "admin";
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessTelnetEnable.0 Integer 1; /* enable */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessHttpLan.0 Integer 1; /* enable */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessHttpPwCtrl.0 Integer 1; /* advanced */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessSSHEnable.0 Integer 1; /* enable */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDoc30AccessTechnicianPassword.0 String "tech_password";
SnmpMibObject arrisRouterAuthUserName.1 String "admin";
SnmpMibObject arrisRouterAuthPassword.1 String "password";
SnmpMibObject arrisRouterAuthType.1 String "admin";

Which load?

Which load?

Rafael Nunes
CLI Access

Hi julianeble,

Do you use docsis to compile the file? And can you get telnet access with the password in plain text on mib arrisCmDoc30AccessTelnetPassword.0?

I hope to help you with this info

At the time I had the same problem but with a DG860A Cable Modem model, to access it I could achieve it with the user technician and the password of the day, here I share the Mibs that I use, I even share a website of Mib for Arris cable modem

With this mib enable web you can do it either by adding it in the Docsis file or via SNMP to the cable modem here I leave you the command.

arrisCmDoc30AccessHttpWan . set value 0 is disabled and value 1 enabled

Command SNMP
snmpset -r 0 -v2c -c public i 1

you add this to the docsis file for the password of the day
SnmpMibObject iso. HexString 0x8ef7fe3cacf06f43; /*arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed*/

This value 0x8ef7fe3cacf06f43 is generated with the Arris software, additionally I use the Excentis software which is free to create my files. I hope my information will serve you.

Rafael Nunes
It works

Thank you a lot for share. A few days a go I could access though telnet by adding technician password in plain text. (arrisCmDoc30AccessTechnicianPassword)

Best regards

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