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Testing DOCSIS 3.0

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Testing DOCSIS 3.0

To ensure DOCSIS implementation delivers the highest quality of service, a complete testing solution can allows you to verify compliancy and performance testing.

DOCSIS testing should include stateful two-way interactive flows. To measure true quality of experience or service satisfaction require a ‘Per flow’ test approach in which stateful CPE traffic is presented on the cable modem to CPE Interface. This allows you to test performance on an end-to-end basis from the CMCI (Cable Modem to CPE Interface) to CMTS-NSI (Cable Modem Termination System – Network Side Interface). Performance testing includes everything from DHCP, IPv6 CPE behavior, QoS effectiveness and the upstream/Downstream channel bonding capability.

Shenick diversifEye “Per-Flow” Test System can deliver these capabilities. This PDF is an overview of how diversifeye can help you with your testing requirements.