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Terayon BW3x00 problem

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Terayon BW3x00 problem

Hello DOCSIS community,

I have a strange problem on some of the Terayon Bluewave CMTSs. These boxes have been in service for a couple of years now, without major problems. I use DOCSIS2.0 modems and configurations only, I don't have any older modems. The thing that happens is, some of the CPEs cannot access the DNS servers. Here are the simptoms:

- modems register without problems
- CPEs receive their IPs and other stuff from DHCP no problem
- CPEs CAN ping anything on internet (based on IP only)
- CPEs CANNOT resolve any FQDN
- as far as I have observed, the problem is present mainly on computers with VIsta or behind certain routers, but am not 100% sure yet
- reset of the modem/CPE does not help, neither power-cycling, neither SNMP reset, neither 'clear cable modem H.H.H reset' command on CMTS.
- sniffing packets on the DNS show that requests come in and the server responds, but doing a 'show cable modem H.H.H verbose' does not show increasing counters on the downstream side
- it would seem that this problem begun when we started to implement Arris's E-MTA 501 cable modems with telephony enabled...

What does help to resolve the 'blockade':
- usually resetting all the linexards on the CMTS 'system components LC X reset', but not always
- rebooting the CMTS

I am unable to contact anyone from former Terayon, since Motorola acquired them (anything on the domain "terayon.com" gets bounced back), and the guys from Motorola didn't answer me at all.

Did any of you have a similar issue? Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,