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TCM420 SNMP community !?

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TCM420 SNMP community !?

Hi all ...

I was wondering if there's a way on reseting the modem devices in a catv network. Googling a lil got me over . ... so .. I tried doing this ... I'm the administrator of the dhcp server .. so I can create new boot files for the modems and stuff ..

snmpset -v2c -r1 -c public . i 1
Error in packet.
Reason: notWritable (That object does not support modification)
Failed object: SNMPv2-SMI::mib-

figured that the "public" community isn't allowed to write .. ok .. question is:

how can I change the name of this community so if someone else has the knowledge .. couldn't read the data ..
and how can I make a community that would allow me to reset the modem :) my current "uncompiled" version of the .cm file ( the file that the modem gets via tftp from dhcpd.conf ) is :

Main {
NetworkAccess 1;
MaxCPE 1;
ClassOfService {
ClassID 1;
PrivacyEnable 0;

Also .. if anyone has any other suggestions please tell. Thanks in advance.

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Re: TCM420 SNMP community !?

In my experience, the snmpset command for reseting CM remotely is
snmpset -v2c -c private .

And one suggestion : Keep community "public" exist still , otherwise, I wonder some NMS tools for measurement Status, Quality for CM Subscribers will force to change their configuration because of "snmpget fail".

About your worder "Others in same Cable network can reset others CM"... I will try that true or not. If yes, studing how to modify community "private" will be my major job in these days... Thanks!

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