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Subscriber Traffic Management..

Hello all. I am implementing Cisco's Subscriber Traffic Management and needless to say it is making no sense.

Here is what I have at the moment.

cable service class 1 name BASIC_US
cable service class 1 upstream
cable service class 1 sched-type 2
cable service class 1 req-trans-policy 8A
cable service class 1 max-rate 1000000
cable service class 1 priority 1
cable service class 2 name BASIC_DS
cable service class 2 downstream
cable service class 2 max-rate 10000000
cable service class 2 max-burst 3044
cable service class 2 priority 1
cable service class 3 name PENALTY_DS
cable service class 3 downstream
cable service class 3 max-rate 3000000
cable service class 3 max-burst 3044
cable service class 3 priority 1

cable qos enforce-rule bwabusers
monitoring-basics legacy docsis11
penalty-period 2880
service-class registered BASIC_DS
service-class enforced PENALTY_DS
duration 150 avg-rate 500 sample-interval 10 do enf

show cable subscribers (sample)
Sfid Mac Address Enforce-rule Mon-Dur Cons Last-detect Last-penalty Pen
Name (kbits/sec) time time Flag

16066 0024.a1cc.44b4 bwabusers 968 Jun21 08:48:56 - -
16142 0023.ed8b.287a bwabusers 1993 Jun21 08:52:56 - -
5370 001c.fb85.3efe bwabusers 1724 Jun21 08:45:26 - -
6694 0017.ee67.7f08 bwabusers 1435 Jun21 08:48:56 - -
7704 0020.40b9.5be0 bwabusers 2935 Jun21 08:48:56 - -

First the kbits/sec makes no sense I have looked at the graphs for these and they are hitting 8 or 9mb continuously and yet I get .968-2.935mb numbers? I am trying to say if a house is doing more than 8mb for 3 hours I want to cut them back for a bit. The duration statement above says if for more than 150 minutes (2.5 hrs) they average more than 500Kbps on a 10 minute running average, penalize them. This is what I have set it down to just to try to get one penalty, and no one was penalized. So what gives?

Thanks in advance people!

What IOS version?

What IOS version?

Do the cm config files only have the BASIC_US and BASIC_DS flows, or others as well?

Try this :
* remove penalty-period statement
* change duration statement to "duration 150 avg-rate 500 sample-interval 10 pen 2880 do enf"

Couple of things to consider :
* Rather than monitoring / penalising over long windows, I find it works well to work with short windows
eg duration 30 avg-rate 10000 sample-interval 10 pen 30 do enf

* rather than capping the users speed, consider just dropping their priority from 1 to 0
This way it is the middle of the night and you have capacity to burn, the user wont be impacted at all, even though they are in the penalty box
But if the network is busy, their traffic priority gets demoted which means other users will get first access, and penalised users can use whatever is left over


I just implemented service class to see if this would work. Previous to now all of of the configurations were in the cable modem file.

I tried removing the penalty and doing it the way you show and that is not a feature I had to go back to the old way.

Yesterday I tried lowering things due to the fact it was not penalizing anyone: duration 30 avg-rate 1000 sample-interval 10 do enf

Same results modems are seen as detected but no one is penalized :/

IOS (tm) 7200 Software (UBR7200-IK9SU2-M), Version 12.3(17a)BC, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

I like your priority idea.

I tried STM on 7200 on 12.3,

I tried STM on 7200 on 12.3, and I don't think it really worked properly

We upgraded to 12.2(33)SCF and it works now, same as our ubr10k's

Note though that the 12.2(33)SCF doesn't support some of the older linecards. MC28U was OK, but MC16C was not supported


I lost all my old IOS's when we had our old TFTP server fail... you can reach me at ray .. at .. sanjuancable dot com

Out of Memory...

So that snuck up and kicked my ass last night at 3am.. Apparently 12.3(17) has a memory leak with STM so last night.. emergency IOS upgrade on 3 CMTS's..

So now.. we are Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) 7200 Software (UBR7200-IK9SU2-M), Version 12.3(23)BC7

And.. and.. same result, last-penalty is never set. Is there any way to see if they are in the different service role?

Sfid Mac Address Enforce-rule Mon-Dur Cons Last-detect Last-penalty Pen
Name (kbits/sec) time time Flag

6 001a.ad03.1318 bwabusers 0 - - -
8 0011.ae90.8cae bwabusers 0 - - -
12 0023.ed8b.4981 bwabusers 24 - - -
14 0015.2fca.cf4a bwabusers 9 Jun23 05:55:16 - -
16 001b.dd94.7498 bwabusers 1 Jun23 08:27:46 - -
18 001c.fb87.aa6c bwabusers 5552 Jun23 13:12:26 - -

show cable modem xxxx.xxxx

show cable modem xxxx.xxxx.xxxx qos

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