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SNMP OID to get temperature

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SNMP OID to get temperature

Does anybody knows an SNMP OID to get temperature from Arris C3 CMTS and CASA C100g CMTS?


I have several UBEE to whom I can change the password and the SSID of the wifi using the OIDs "." and ". 4684. " after sending the SET commands with a GET I see them in the modem but they are not applied. Do I need an OID as an APPLY signal? What OID is it? Can you help me, please?

Toughest part

I’ve been programming docsis registration software for years and the hardest part is getting the SNMP strings. It’s relentless asking for manuals. The other nice guy in this post got them for you. I can help if you need any programming. If you need your CMTS or modems to have your coffee made and ready for you I’ll your man. Lol. I can even integrate it into a credit card merchant account. Your subs can pay and get recoed with no truck rolls!! Saves you money.


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