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I'm the IT manager of a small ISP and need to show a html page of suspended service to customers who did not pay your bill, but didn't how to do this?

We have a cmts Cisco ubr7226 and one pc like dhcpd and FTFP server. We assign a suspended docsis profile , but don't know how to display the page. Someone could help me?

Thank you!

Some ideas

Configure the DHCP server so that such CPE get allocated an IP from a "special" pool

On the CMTS, use a service-policy (policy-based-routing) to match those source IPs and force the next-hop address to a Linux server that is going to serve the "please contact us" page. Perhaps exclude other important destination netblocks from the match so that custs can still reach your home page / portal without being redirected.

If you have more than one POP, you might use GRE tunnels from each CMTS to this single Linux server

On the Linux server use iptables to accept this traffic and redirect into local port 80 (apache)

Configure the apache server to have no content, and tweak the 404 page to be "please contact us"

That way any time the customer tries to websurf to any destination except your homepage/portal, their web traffic is to the apache server, which tries to serve the requested URL (not found) and thus the tweaked 404 page is displayed.

All other traffic will just fail - which is OK. Although you could extend the design if you wanted so that stuff like SMTP and POP also returns "please contact us" type errors.



Thanks for your idea. I'll try it.


Or another variation might be

Or another variation might be to have two subinterfaces on your CMTS bundle interface

First subinterface is the usual one which permits internet access

Second subinterface is for suspended customers. Use service-policy and maybe even a VRF to restrict internet access

When you want to suspend someone, you change their CM IP reservation from the subinterface1 netblock to the subinterface2 netblock, and kick the modem

( When the modem boots it will "land" on the bundle that has the matching netblock )

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.

I'll try this alternative.


Neat idea

It would be cool if you could do it all in the dhcp server. You have a list of authorized cm macs, but the macs of the cpe behind the cm you don't know. Could dhcp be used to get the ip of the bridge ( the cm ) and make an assignment desicion?


You could also configure your

You could also configure your suspended clients with a new DNS direction (and obviously without internet service). That DNS will redirects all queries to your suspension portal.

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