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show cable modem summary total


I am looking for the OID for monitoring the number of all registered cable modems on the CMTS.
I have OIDs for monitoring the numbers of modems on different interfaces...but I would like to monitor the number of modems on the whole CMTS.

Does anybody have the OID for Cisco, CASA?

Thanks in advance, vaitapu

Casa is:

Casa is:

Name: casaCmtsTotalDSModemCount
Full path: iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).private(4).enterprises(1).casa(20858).casaMgmt(10).casaCmtsCmCpeMib(12).casaCmtsCmCpeObjects(1).casaCmtsModemObject(15).casaCmtsTotalDSModemCount(1)

Parent: casaCmtsModemObject

Numerical syntax: Gauge (32 bit)
Base syntax: Unsigned32
Composed syntax: Unsigned32
Status: current
Max access: read-only [r--]

Description: The total count of ONLINE modem on all downstream.

I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a single OID on Cisco

Instead you have to walk/count
CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB::cdxCmtsCmRegistered (

This tree is the total per mac-domain (interface cable x/x/x)


or use a script to telnet to the CMTS and capture the output from "show cable modem summary total | incl Total"

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