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share your usefull OIDS

My provisioning system is finally coming together and I'm polishing up the monitoring part. I've dug through the MIB tables (for modems) and pulled out what I think are important to be able to see, but I'm curious what other ones (that I may have overlooked) would be a good addition.

So far I have:

TX power:
RX Power:
lost sync:
ranging aborts
T1 timeouts:
T2 timeouts
T3 timeouts
T4 timeouts

num interfaces:
IF description${i}
IF status${i}

Here is a useful motorola

Here is a useful motorola oid

Determines if a motorola modem is in standby mode or not.


confirm. shows
"1" when standby mode is on
"2" when standby mode is off

Same for Thomson

Same for thomson


07 or 0x07 - ON
0F or 0x0F - OFF

I have examined several

I have examined several thousands of Thomson cable modems with oid . Almost all of them showed
value "0x07", and only few of them showed something different. But it was "0x27". None of them showed "0x0F" value. Probably "0x27" may represent standby mode.

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