Setting up a cmts docsis 1.0 for testing modems ! |

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Setting up a cmts docsis 1.0 for testing modems !

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Setting up a cmts docsis 1.0 for testing modems !

Hi guys
need some help setting up a blonder tongue 1x1 docsis cmts with 1 up & 1 downstream channel
the unit requires an up-converter with an I.F input ... im using the wavecom ucm4540b up-converter ....
I want to keep the setup as simple as possible , the manual says i need to have a dhcp server ,tftp server and a TOD server .... im planing on using my wire less router for the dhcp server an my laptop for the tftp and TOD server ! we also have a mini network switch to connect all the network ports !

what software do i use ? for the docsis 1.0 provisioning (and how do i set it up so all the equipment can work together )
my laptop has windows vista on it .
got the cmts an the up-converter connected already using a dsv-42 diplex filter
to separate/mix the up from the down stream frequencies , im also
using a 20db attenuator fam-20 for the modems to be tested (as a test system on site)

can any one assist me in getting this hook up an working ? as i have very little experience in or knowledge about this system ! ....

more than you think

Hi Barry
where to begin... 1st, that wireless router won't work for dhcp. generally the modems are on one network while the pc's behind the modems are on a different network with the cmts Ethernet port on another network. the wireless route doesn't know how to get from one network to another. try this for a dhcp server I believe they have a free version, why I picked it out. tftp, try on the server pc (on the same network as the cmts Ethernet), you'll need to add a router to the modem gateway and secondary pc network via the cmts Ethernet
What is this project for? your post says modem testing, but most modems use channel bonding and this setup wouldn't do for modem testing

wireless router won't work

wireless router won't work for dhcp (im using the 4 ethernet ports on it, an shuting down the wireless side off it !).....ok gonna buy a rack mounted one (correct) ?

What is this project for?...... I repair cable modems - arris cm820 mostly and a few other models as well ! so we would like to have a test system setup
to ensure the modems are working after repair , i may venture out to serving an off site with internet ....but thats abt it on seeing how the cmts i have is so limited as it is !

Jaime Rios

Hi barry, what is your e-mail address, maybe I can help you out on your challenge. Regards.-

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