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Setting up BSR 2000 configuration

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Setting up BSR 2000 configuration

Dear all,

I am very new to this Docsis technology and i want to learn more new things regarding this technology. Please advice and need full on support.
I have Moto-BSR 2000 CMTS, where i need to configure the same and test within my network, could anyone help with the setup and configuration file details through mail, it would be very great full to you I am very eager to know and run on this technology.

Thanks a ton,


quick and easy setup

Hi Kawi
Please post an email address to correspond, also the ip network you have in place. this includes the dhcp/tftp server, gateway, modem network and cpe or pc network behind the cable modem


Mail id

Dear Sir,

thanks for the reply, can i get ur email id so that i can send my small setup network diagram, i dont want to post it here with the network diagram as it is not safe. my email id is

thanks a ton


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