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Hi everyone.
Searching for some information about the MTA file configuration, i can see that the MTA file configuration downloaded is wrong. Because there is a loop downloading the configuration file. I know this a NCS based MTA.
I don't believe that the problem is the DHCP server.

So i have questions:
1) How can i debug the MTA file configuration and check the point failed?.
2) What is the minimum configuration in order to provision it?
3) May some body share a MTA config example for this model?

There is a BSR1000 Docsis 1.1 and packetcable 1.0. I did test the Hitron 3642 SIP cable modem and it works fine. But we can buy locally TM402 and SBV4200.

There is nothing wrong with CM provisioning and it is working.

I have an Arris TM402, in other way, I can test this cable modem but with SIP firmware. I did check a lot of examples here but i need the firmware for this cable modem. So i beg your help, if you could send me a copy of that firmware. I really appreciate it.

Some cofigs:
DHCP server:
#option 122
option space docsis-mta;
option docsis-mta.dhcp-server-1 code 1 = ip-address;
option docsis-mta.dhcp-server-2 code 2 = ip-address;
option docsis-mta.provision-server code 3 = { integer 8, ip-address };
option code 4 = { integer 32, integer 32, integer 32 };
option docsis-mta.ap-req-ap-rep-2 code 5 = { integer 32, integer 32, integer 32 };
option docsis-mta.krb-realm-name code 6 = string;
option docsis-mta.tgs-util code 7 = boolean;
option docsis-mta.timer code 8 = integer 8;
option docsis-mta-pkt code 122 = encapsulate docsis-mta;
option docsis-mta.provision-server 0;
option docsis-mta.krb-realm-name "\005BASIC\0011\000";

class "MTA" {
match if substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,5) = "pktc1";
spawn with option agent.remote-id;
default-lease-time 60800;
max-lease-time 21600;
min-lease-time 10800;
option time-offset -21600;
option domain-name "";
ddns-updates off;
option domain-name-servers;
option routers;
option subnet-mask;
option log-servers;
option time-servers;
option tftp-server-name "";
option time-offset -18000;
option host-name = host-decl-name;
option tftp-server-name "";

hard to say exactly but it

hard to say exactly but it looks like this line is the trouble spot

option tftp-server-name "";

These should be the same option tftp-server is the new way to define the tftp server next-server is the older method. the SBV4200 is definitely an older modem.

Try setting both to the same setting i.e.

option tftp-server-name "";

and lets see where you are.....

The MTA Config File

Thank you for your reply. I tested the changes asked by you. The config_mta.bin is downloaded, i can see in syslog:
DHCPDISCOVER from 00:0c:e5:7a:d2:f0 via
DHCPOFFER on to 00:0c:e5:7a:d2:f0 via
DHCPREQUEST for ( from 00:0c:e5:7a:d2:f0 via
DHCPACK on to 00:0c:e5:7a:d2:f0 via
tftpd[14013]: tftpd: trying to get file: sbv4200_mta.bin
tftpd[14013]: tftpd: serving file from /srv/tftp

But after a minute it starts again.
So this the mta config file:
I appreciate an example of this file (NCS support) because i am not sure if i am on the right way.

MtaConfigDelimiter 1;
SnmpMibObject pktcMtaDevEnabled.0 Integer 1; /* true */
SnmpMibObject pktcSigDefCallSigTos.0 Integer 3 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcSigDefMediaStreamTos.0 Integer 5 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcSigTosFormatSelector.0 Integer 1; /* ipv4TOSOctet */
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigStatus.9 Integer 1; /* active */
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallAgentId.9 String "" ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallAgentUdpPort.9 Integer 2727 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigPartialDialTO.9 Integer 16 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCriticalDialTO.9 Integer 4 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigBusyToneTO.9 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigDialToneTO.9 Integer 16 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMessageWaitingTO.9 Integer 16 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigOffHookWarnToneTO.9 Integer 0 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRingingTO.9 Integer 180 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRingBackTO.9 Integer 180 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigReorderToneTO.9 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigStutterDialToneTO.9 Integer 16 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigTSMax.9 Integer 20 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMax1.9 Integer 5 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMax1QEnable.9 Integer 1; /* true */
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMax2.9 Integer 7 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMax2QEnable.9 Integer 1; /* true */
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMWD.9 Integer 10 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigTdinit.9 Integer 15 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigTdmin.9 Integer 15 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigTdmax.9 Integer 600 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRtoMax.9 Integer 4 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRtoInit.9 Integer 200 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigLongDurationKeepAlive.9 Integer 60 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigThist.9 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigStatus.10 Integer 1; /* active */
SnmpMibObject pktcMtaDevProvConfigHash.0 HexString 0x51b8ec41ac9113af6e80bd8c80fc07e1706454b1 ;
MtaConfigDelimiter 255;

Why TM402 does not accept DHCP Offer with same configuration and SBV4200 it does.??

Many thanks for your help. Actually, appreciate it.

I don't see your option 122

I don't see your option 122 dhcp server being assigned to the modem for the MTA you should have a

option docsis-mta.dhcp-server-1 [DHCP IP]; on the class for your modems. this is how the MTA's get their DHCP server.

also in your MTA class Definition you need a

option docsis-mta.provision-server [Provisioning Server];

Other than that the MTAs are really picky about their FQDN, if they do not have a FQDN they will not complete the registration process.

Please check the modems logs and see what is going on, the arris modem has a separate log for MTA events.

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