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Sample VOIP bin (config) file

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Sample VOIP bin (config) file

I've searched to no avail...

Can someone email me or attach (not paste in body) a sample VOIP (PacketCable) config file? I just want to see a sample file...

We will have a uBR10k, using Arris 602's, and Cisco CNR for provisioning.


Are you looking for a

Are you looking for a Packetcable (NCS) or a for Arris (SIP) MTA Config?

If your looking for a Arris (SIP) one I can help you out.

As a side note the docsis project at sourceforge found here has several example MTA configs (Packetcable (NCS)) that you can encode/decode to see what they are like. The examples are included with the package when you install it.

Arris also has a program with several example MTA configs both types that can be encoded/decoded. You need to call their support and get a Support Id then you can get a copy of their software it is called PacketAce.

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