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RFC 868 Time (The Death of xinetd in RHEL)

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RFC 868 Time (The Death of xinetd in RHEL)

This may be relevant to few if any, but in testing an upcoming upgrade to the time server for our RPDs/iNodes we realized that RHEL 9 (and subsequently our current choice, AlmaLinux) dropped xinetd from the available packages. This may be with good reason, as apparently the project hasn't updated in over a decade.

Because I have an ironic sense of laziness, rather than add another OS to my administrative workload, I opted to write a little daemon in Rust that responds to RFC 868 Time requests via TCP, UDP or both.

The project can be found at https://github.com/EastonVelocity/phoeniceus/releases/tag/0.1.3 with pre-compiled binaries for x86_64 linux and windows targets. You also have the option to compile from source or, if you have rust tooling installed, cargo install phoeniceus. Operating instructions are included in the README.md file. I'm still pretty new to Rust, so please be kind if you choose to audit. ;) This is currently tested in our lab environment

Anyway, the xinetd daemon appears to be available on latest Debian as of writing (Bookworm 12.5) and likely other systems, and other inetd implementations exist. Regardless, if you share my particular brand of OS-management "laziness", I hope this helps.