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Remote-Query CLI Output For D3.1 Modems

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Remote-Query CLI Output For D3.1 Modems
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As many are aware there are cli commands on most CMTSs & CCAP devices that provide remote-query channel information from registered modems. An output example from a docsis 3.0 (4x4) related modem is directly below.

I'm interested in seeing similar output info involving a docsis 3.1 modem. How are the OFDM channels listed in the output for FREQ, SNR & POWER fields?

See screenshot picture due to formatting issues with text output,

Output from C100g

Hi mtntrailseeker
I've attached the output from a lab C100g that may help

Best regards

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Some thoughts on your D3.1 output

Hi cmcaldas,
I see two points in your output which makes me curious:

1. Why is BPI encryption running with 56-DES? I think there is no reason for not using 128-AES on D3.x cable modems.
2. The receive level for SC-QAM and OFDMA upstream is the same. This will result in different spectral density for SC-QAM and OFDMA upstream with 6 dB for the same frequency bandwidth. Are you aware of this? The Reported Transmit Power on D3.1 cable modems are based on 1.6 MHz frequency bandwidth for both, SC-QAM and OFDMA. In other words, in your spectrum analyzer the OFDMA channel has 6 dB higher power level in compare to the SC-QAM upstream. For D3.0 cable modem the Reported Transmit Power is not based on 1.6 MHz.


hi wittmann
I took a crash course / boot camp last week on 3.1. I plan on making new changes


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