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Redirect Cable Modem to another server.

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Redirect Cable Modem to another server.

Hello All,

I want to add a new feature to my cable management software. I'd like to ability to send unauthorized Cable Modems to and HTTP server that will allow them to register and pay via credit card. Would that be done via the config file? Any ideas/help would be appreciated.


Several ways to go about it.

These are just off the top of my head.
1. If using this type of billing/authorization, you might look at integrating radius authentication, which will let you do this pretty easily.

2. Set up another block of IP's in your DHCP server for unauthorized CPE's with a different gateway. Then set your router to forward all port 80 (and probably 443 if you are using online payments) from that gateway to your webserver. You might also make a separate config file for these modems that only allow port 80 (and 443) traffic from the modem.

3. It probably can be done with just a config file setting, but I'm no master in setting those up and probably favor the flexibility of option 1 or 2 more.


I just needed a push. I'll try door number two.

Anyone one have any idea's on this...?


Where there's a wire there's a way.

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