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recommended power-adjustment - HELP

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recommended power-adjustment - HELP


Please help me by telling me what are the recommended values ​​to configure the following commands in upstream interfaces

CMTS C100G - Casa Systems

interface upstream 11/0.0

power-adjustment continue 2
power-adjustment threshold 1

partial-service fec-threshold 1
partial-service snr-threshold 0

Currently I have the default values, please help me which ones I should change to have the best performance.

I am attentive to your responses

recommended power-adjustment


Please someone recommend me what values ​​to use in your configuration.

recommended power-adjustment


Please have any comments on this topic.

my config

on multiple locations this is what I have and works fine
interface upstream 1/0.0
description "38.7Mhz"
spectrum-rule 1
frequency 38700000
channel-width 6400000
power-adjustment continue 6
map-advance dynamic 400
ingress-cancellation 100
partial-service fec-threshold 2.0
logical-channel 0 description "38.7Mhz"
logical-channel 0 profile 3 secondary-profile 50,51
logical-channel 0 minislot 4
logical-channel 0 data-backoff 3 6
logical-channel 0 ranging-backoff 3 6
logical-channel 0 pre-equalization auto-reset
logical-channel 0 post-equalization
no logical-channel 0 shutdown
logical-channel 1 profile 3
logical-channel 1 minislot 1
logical-channel 1 shutdown

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