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provide firmaware cable modem HITRON cgnv2 and Cable modem Motorola sbg6580

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provide firmaware cable modem HITRON cgnv2 and Cable modem Motorola sbg6580

Hello good afternoon colleagues.

Someone here could give me the firmware of the following cable modems:

Hitron gnv2
Motorola sbg6580
 You can send them to the mail

and also some method to enter the modem cable hitron from my hub via snmp and thus be able to change the wifi keys or some Oid. Beforehand thank you very much.

Sorry to bother

But do you had any luck in firmware. Another question is do you recommend to buy this brand? Is a good cable modem?



almost 40% of my cable modems are hitron so far they work well for me the only detail that I want to get the firmware and some solution for remote entry from the hub without having to go to the site just by changing a password. but I haven't been lucky with that.

Have you tried this?

Have you tried this mib in the config file?

Name: hitronCmRemoteManageAccessible
Full path: iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).private(4).enterprises(1).hitronMib(8595).hitronDOCSIS(2).hitronCm(1).hitronCmManagementParameters(2).hitronCmRemoteManagementTable(2).hitronCmRemoteManagementEntry(1).hitronCmRemoteManageAccessible(2)

Parent: hitronCmRemoteManagementEntry
Prev sibling: hitronCmRemoteManageCapability

Numerical syntax: Octets
Base syntax: BITS
Composed syntax: BITS
Status: current
Max access: read-write
Value list: 1: cpeAccessOnlineEnabled(0)
2: cpeAccessOfflineEnabled(1)
3: rfiAccessEnabled(2)

Description: When flag(s) is enabled ((CPE/rfi)AccessEnabled = 1) indicates that access through specific interface(s) is enable.
If disabled(=0), indicates that any remote management access through the specific interface is rejected.
For Telnet, SNMP, HTTP and HTTPS default is any interface has access at any time,['E0'h].
For SSH, default is rfi has the access when the device is on line,['20'h].

Example line in config file:

SnmpMibObject iso. HexString 0xe0; /*hitronCmRemoteManageAccessible HTTP*/ this enables all interfaces.

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friend thank you very much.
in effect I solved my problem with the following oid line by adding it to my configuration file SnmpMibObject iso.
I already have management of my modem via wan ip. many thanks.



Can you please tell me what username you log in with when you log in remotely, in my case if I am connected via the LAN, I can log in with the cusadmin name and password: password, but when I log in remotely to the modem installed where the user is, I cannot log in with these same data

Modem: Hitron, MODEL: CGNVM-3582


With this script in php I enable the login via http to the interface to log in, I try with the users name: cusadmin and password: password and it does not allow login, it shows the message:
"Login Failed"
"Access Denied"

attached screenshot

Modem: Hitron, MODEL: CGNVM-3582

$ip = '';
snmpset($ip, 'public', 'iso.','x',"0xe0");

connected directly to the cable modem through the LAN network if it allows me to enter with the same username and password

Please help me to login connected by wan ip

Help me if I should add something else to the script by snmp or use a different user

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