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Private cable guys. I have a solution.

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Private cable guys. I have a solution.


If you're an RF guy and need to add Internet and telephone to your system, I can help. This forum is great for figuring it out if you have the time, patience and computer background to do so. I understand the private cable can be a tight budget business at first and even on going. I know, I have systems of my own. I started from scratch back in 2001 and have developed a software package that does all of the following:

- Cable modem management and provisioning
- Modem graphing
- VoIP provisioning
- Full call center management
- Work orders/trouble tickets
- Reporting
- Billing (collection & statements)
- Integrates with credit and debit processing through your bank. (I can help you set that up too if you need)
- Property maps
- more...

This package will save you money by integrating everything into one software package. As a computer programmer, I hated doing double or even triple data entry. This software eliminates that. I can tweak it to fit your company's needs and the pricing is affordable. I'm a private cable guy just like you. I have a wife and three kids to feed. I can even help you set up a professional phone system. You'll be able to run your business from your smartphone. If this interests you, feel free to contact me.