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Price of Cisco ubr7246vxr

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Price of Cisco ubr7246vxr

Our small CATV company operates in a small city here in the Philippines and We are looking for a CMTS, kindly give us informations how much is the cost of Brandnew/used cmts ubr7246vxr. Also accepting suggestions. We plan to provide CATV plus high speed Internet serevice. Thanks for this forum very informative..


If you're lokking to deploy Docsis 3.0 channels bonding service you should look at Casa Systems CMTS products. The C2200 CMTS is a good size system for small operators.

Casa C2200 CMTS

Thank you for the link and info. Here in Philippines we have suppliers for Cisco and Arris CMTS, we are also looking for the company that will give us technical support and after sales service. I want to compare the prices here in the Philippines and your price in abroad. Thank You..


It seems Casa System is busy nowadays maybe just because of the Christmas holiday, I have been emailing them since before Christmas but got no reply. Anybody know what is the maximum capacity of cable modems that can handle of CASA C2200 CMTS? Thanks in Advance...

C2200 Capacity

This all depends on the number of modules you have in the chassis and how you configure it.

The downstream channel capacity ranges from 4-16 channels per qam module.

The upstream channel/port capacity ranges from 4-16 channels per UPS module.

A fully loaded C2200 holds any combination of the 4 modules above.

CASA C2200

Windbreaker, we can assist you with your CASA deployment and quote various configurations and address support options. I think you will find that the CASA platform is not only more reliable as a 3.0 CMTS, but it is also cheaper and easier to configure and use. To date, only CASA CMTS units are 3.0 Gold certified to meet the specifications of CableLabs and Excentis (formerly tComLabs). Cisco, Motorola and ARRIS are still at the Bronze stage, while CASA has earned and maintained GOLD certification since 2008:

Please contact me at the email address below and forward a technical description of your cable systems and I will provide the information you are looking for.

Best regards,

Edward Mansi

2470 Ash Street, Suite 3
Vista, CA 92081

Tel: 760-727-3200
Fax: 760-727-3201


Thanks for the reply, Technical description sent to your email,kindly check your email . Thanks

I know you are looking for hardware but .....

Hi Windbreaker, i know you are looking for hardware now but you will eventually look for provisioning software. i am giving you a link to our provisioning software (Online demo). When you have time log in and check. There is an update coming soon with more features.

URL is:
user name is : admin

You can contact me via e-mail (


If you dont need DOCSIS 3.0,

If you dont need DOCSIS 3.0, you should find plenty of ubr7246VXR with MC28U going cheap.

I know this because we have a couple sitting here.

Unfortunately Cisco wouldnt give us any decent trade-in amount for them when we upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 ubr10k/PRE4/MC20x20V.

We are thinking we might just stick them on ebay.


Thanks for the info, right now we are still thinking whether we will be using Docsis 3.0 or not, we are still gathering iformations
before we finally decide what we are going to use.

Casa C2200 full capacity


Fully loaded chassis can provide:
Upto 48 DS and 16 US

Please find great datasheet of the product at the following link:


CASA3200 problem with more then 8 DS

My friend tested CASA and he had some problems if he used more then 8 DS-(100% proc and packet lost)
Is there the same problem on C2200 ?



It depends what software is installed on CASA ,
currently we are using 5.2.51 and have no problem at all, both on C2200 and C3200


Cisco VxR 7246

Hi. We supply Cisco uBR 7246 VxRs - but if your cable company is small and about 1000-1500 subs you can go with the ubR 7246 non-Vxr with about 4 MC16C cards. The cost is not a lot - you can get more info with my email at sebp at or call me at 781 929 2112 or 305 861 1753 Sebastian

Costs cmts 7246vxr
Hi I have CMTS7246vxr And I can offer to you at really good price with all the licenses and IOS. please send me your information or contact. This is a wonderful option full bundle has 8dw/32up support 10,000 subscribers My direct line is +1 657 212 8417 or Skype/yahoo: MarthaTelecomp or email:
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