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Who knows about this site: http://www.c9networks.com/; they are selling a CMTS Pc based.

how can it be ?

Can we make a Linux based CMTS on a single PC/SERVER?/

thanks in advanced!!

Don't see where it's certified

Took a quick look and don't see where it's docsis certified, it's docsis 1.0 with a software upgrade to 1.1 and the spec sheet has servers for dhcp/tftp/dhcp etc etc.. so I don't think it's an all in one unit and would fall out of docsis spec
They do take paypal though, haven't seen that from Arris, Motorola or Cisco ;-)
I recall an older post from a company in China selling docsis 1.1 cmts's that where not docsis certified and a few people in the group where talking about trying one out. no feedback though

Not certified

Hi all,

It's not DOCSIS certified. That's why the price is lower. I do give them credit though. If you just want to use this with MDUs it's fine. The only problem is that EMTAs won't work. It's not DOCSIS 1.1 equivalent. No Qos.


We used to use C9 CMTS's.

We used to use C9 CMTS's. The company is based in California and run by a pair of ex-Cisco engineers.

Their normal boxes are all in one units...they have the downstream modulator and linecards all integrated and running off a VxWorks OS that runs dhcp, tftp and a webserver for remote administration. I imagine they just condensed their linecard and modulator onto a PCI board and ported a driver.

FWIW, there is a reason we are moving away from their products, but if you are looking for a cheap solution to serve a small number of customers (less then 200 for a 2 channel unit, from experience), they do get the job done.

What version?

Hi bealsm
I did check out the web site, but didn't see if it's docsis 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0 that it supports.
are you going to another platform because of the number of modems it supports or are there other limits ?

Just wondering, Thanks

The units we used were all

The units we used were all Docsis 1.0.

We started having stability and reliability issues with them. They had a propensity to just stop working at inopportune times and on a fairly regular basis. We encountered disc corruption issues which would randomly delete half of the authorized modems list, dead downstream modulators, problematic upconverters that would never give solid SNR numbers, ect... It wasn't isolated to one box either. We did have a few that put up with a lot of abuse and just kept going, but when we started having major downtime on a monthly basis across a large percentage of the units we had in the field, we decided it was time to move on. Configuration options and diagnostic utilities were also really limited. When something went wrong, it was really hard to diagnose.

We started switching to EVR units and running our own support servers and dramatically dropped our down time. Once we got the new units dialed in, I don't think we have had to roll a truck to work on the CMTS yet, and we've been using them for almost 2 years.



Wanted to know what CMTS product you are moving to.
We have a whole range of Cisco uBRs, Arris and now DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS.

Please email or call: sebp@bellsouth.net or tel; 305 861 1753


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