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Optical platform

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Optical platform

Due to the large number of optical transmitters and receivers of the reverse channel, it became necessary to switch to an optical platform.
Please help me make a choice based on your experience.
Basic requirements:
1) Remote management and SNMP monitoring.
2) Optical transmitters 1310
3) Optical receivers, preferably with 4 independent return channels.
4) AC power supply
5) Availability on the secondary market

We use Arris CHP MAX 5000

We use Arris CHP MAX 5000

Receivers are not super expensive new. But transmitters cost a fortune.

You can buy bits and pieces used, but probably not enough stock around to assemble a whole large system.

I assume optical shelf gear isn't often traded in. Most ISP probably keep buying more of the same brand as they need to expand capacity. Unlike CMTS linecards or whatnot where they get traded in after replaced with higher capacity versions.

I am looking at deploying

I am looking at deploying Aurora Nodes (arris now) I only need 4..

CHP Max 5000 here too.

They work well. Tick all of your boxes other than the used market availability. There really just isn't much used stock floating around.

Using CPH

Are there any problems in using it?

With CHP MAX, there is a bug

With CHP MAX, there is a bug in the SMM-1 controller module, where some 2RRX (dual port receiver) SNMP stats stop working after about 10 weeks of uptime.

Arris' solution : "SMM-1 is old, upgrade to SMM-2"

Our solution : reboot SMM-1 every 10 weeks.

Cisco Prisma II

Cisco Prisma II and Arris CPH MAX5000, is it worth comparing?

I am sure Prisma is a good

I am sure Prisma is a good system

Have a look at this sweet setup :

However, if it were me, I would be a little cautious about buying some of the Cisco gear :

They offloaded their modem business a while back (parts taken over by Technicolor)

Then they have dumped their Gainmaker amps/taps etc outside plant (parts taken over by ATX)

Not 100% whether they are keeping their inside plant / Prisma optical shelf etc. But you wouldnt want to spend big bucks building a Prisma system to find it gets discontinued soon after...


Yes, but if cisco discount Prisma, there will be a lot of used hardware available.

Apart from Arris and Cisco nothing seems to be similar from other manufacturers?


check BKTEL a former Kathrein Development.


Also Teleste might be worth a
Thank you for your help, we'll think about it.

There are still Chinese options http://www.prevail-catv.com/en/product.aspx?type=38
But I think that this option is not as reliable as the above. The price is of course very low.

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