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Omnistar Transmitters

I know this isn't docsis, sorry but this is a bit of a hail mary to industry veterans. I need docs on omnistar transmitters/receivers and older harmonics nodes.. Anyone? I have to do things on the cheap right now as there are overbuild grants coming in that could kill us.

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post your email, will send what I can

email address sent

Email address sent

Documentation for OmniStar stuff

I have the following:
AM-Omni-RPR/2C Return Path Receiver Installation and Operation manual
AM-OMNI-PS/AC1 Power Supply Module Installation manual
AM-Omni-860R/110 864 MHz Optical Receiver Installation and Operation Manual
AM-Omni-ALM-* Advanced Laser Module Installation and Operation Manual
AM-Omni-HSH/Equipment Shelf Installation Manual
AM-Omni-PS/DC48 Power Supply Module Installation and Operation manual

These are all paper, so I'd need to scan them to get them out for delivery. Let me know!


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wow that would be amazing,

wow that would be amazing, really i only need the relevant info like dip switch, levels, install etc. let me know via my email

Did you get emails?

Did you get my emails?

Yes thank you so much

Yes thank you so much

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