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Not a Docsis question but...

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Not a Docsis question but...

First, i would like to apologise for asking non docsis question on a docsis forum, but belive me i have tried to find forums related to my problem and i have failed.

Docsis forum is closest for my problem - i think:)

My problem is with BigBand/Arris BMR1200A unit, which i bought used in Poland, without magagement software. Unfortunettly, Arris does not support this system in Europe anymore, but it does in the US. Since i am in Europe, i have a huge problem...

Previous owner sold his networks to much larger CATV operator, but the DTV was not sold.
Unfortunately, whole DTV stuff was left for 2 years closed in the basement. When i bought it, there was no conax servers, bmr server, some encoders were missing etc. I belive someone have took those devices.

I need to get software included in the Arris Server Suite package for the Broadcast Multimedia Router 1200A, but i cannot get it in EU.
Router is working, i can log via rs232 protocol, but its nearly impossible to manage this unit via text.

Therefore, i was hoping if any of you have any idea what can i do now?
Unfortunately i cannot afford buying new system for DTV without getting a load - which i do not want to take atm.

I would appreciate your help in acquiring this software from Arris.