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nortel/arris 1000 and docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise

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nortel/arris 1000 and docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise

i have created web interface using snmp query, for monitoring cable modems. now i am trying to use this interface with cmts arris 1000 (nortel/cornerstone 1000) and i have a problem. most of function works great but i cant get value for cable modem upstream snr (docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise MIB). result for every modem is zero so i believe there is no response at all, cause description of docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise is: "Signal/Noise ratio as perceived for upstream data from this Cable Modem. If the Signal/Noise is unknown, this object returns a value of zero."

cmts 1000 firmware is 3.3.1

i have tried to use get function directly from cmts cli and result is still zero for every cable modem. i believe i have created proper snmp query and there is something with cmts i don't see or know.

any idea or suggestion would be appreciated.

As for the Upstream You can

As for the Upstream You can get only summary value from cmts for whole card.
By the way - cmts software is very old - it's 3.7.x I suppose.

thx for your reply. i know i

thx for your reply.
i know i can get snr per upstream with docsIfSigQSignalNoise but are you trying to tell me that there is no possibility to get docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise proper answerfrom arris 1000 at all or there is no possibility to get docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise from arris 1000 with this software?
if problem is with software maybe i could try to find newer version 3.7.something, but if i can't get answer on docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise query at all, i wouldn't lose my time to find it.

Don't loose Your time :)

Don't loose Your time :) Arris can't do that - Cisco can.

unbelievable, according

unbelievable, according arris documentation mib docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise is supported, there is even option to see upstream snr per modem in CLI (naturely value is 0) . i can't believe, those guys from arris, they put option in CLI but they haven't implemented it.

thx anyway for your response, i can't shoot a messenger :)

I have cacti taking data

I have cacti taking data from our Cadant C3, so Arris can too :)

Works fine on Motorola BSR

Works fine on Motorola BSR 64K, too. Comes in very handy some times.


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