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Nortel 1000

Could someone please help me with setting this unit up properly? I have the unit installed and my test modem talks to the DHCP server, obtains an IP, talks to the TFTP server, obtains the file, and then fails on registration. I purchased a copy of LCn Provisioning software to help provision the modems, but maybe the software is to old for the modems?
When a cable modem turns on, it connects to the CMTS and then to the DHCP server. After that is connects to a time server (or before) and then a TFTP for the cfg file. Am I right in thinking that the modem has to talk to the TFTP twice, once for the general data and once for the key file?
Does anyone have a sample of what these two files should look like? I’m using DLINK DCM-202 modems to test with. Are those bad? The error message on the modems say REG. REQ. rejected, Unrecognized configuration setting. They have an error ID of 1201.1. I called DLINK and sat on hold for hours just to have them come back and say they have no idea what the error ID means.
If anyone could help me, I would be very grateful.