no ipv6 avalable on Casa C1G ??? |

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no ipv6 avalable on Casa C1G ???

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Sven Borkenhagen
no ipv6 avalable on Casa C1G ???

Hi i am new to the forum. Hope to get a little advice on missing ipv6 availablility on Casa C1G.

We are currently running Casa C2200 SW 5.4 .... ipv6 is running fine.

But on the Casa C1G i have no option to define ipv6 addresses to interfaces, wether ip-bundle nor gig-interfaces.

any ideas? commands like ping6 or route6 are still available and working but of course dont reach their targets.

regards, Sven

What version?

The data sheet for the C1G indicates that it supports IPv6, and I believe it's a requirement for DOCSIS 3 as well. Check the software version and find out from your vendor/VAR or Casa if it's the current release.

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