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NAT on BSR 64000

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NAT on BSR 64000

I have BSR 64000 installed & have pool (approx 8000 IP) for inside internet users. I have Cisco Router 3845 with 256 MB memory where i do NAT with Public IP (i have pool of /24 - 256 Public IPs). Unfortunately Cisco Router memory gets overused & 3845 Router hangs. Can i shift NAT on my BSR 64000 & terminate ISP on BSR GigE port directly ?
Pl guide how to do NAT directly on BSR 64000.

Slot00 CMTS 2x8 Domestic DOCSIS 2.0 CMTS, 2 downstream x 8 upstream Versions:
Boot ROM: RDN PPC, IXP default ixprom version
Date Built: Mon Sep 17 11:56:18 EDT 2007
Memory Size: 256 MB
Format Version: 10
Assembly Type : 34
Part Number : PCA-0201-08
PDM Number : 506563-034-00
HW Revision : J
Serial Number : 050456233
Product Number: BSR 64000
Fabric Interface FPGA Version: 00000061
Mac Interface FPGA Version: 00000016
CPLD Version: 0B

RIL64KCMTS:7A# sh memory information brief
status bytes blocks avg block max block
-------- -------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
free 48871536 670 72942 48660888
alloc 183295576 14762 12416 -
internal 3392 16 212 -
alloc 1315904048 23719072 55 -
alloc 183519568 - - -


The BSR64k doesn't do NAT. I'm not 100% sure if the Cisco 10k would do it as well. you'll have to upgrade your NAT device or add a second and route some of your secondary loopback cpe networks to the second device. the show ver and memory you posted only shows that your running older software. please post the loopback and route. ospf, static, etc ?


You may do the NAT on router

You may do the NAT on router before the bsr64, i had bsr1000 and cisco 7246 so i activate NAT on cisco and relay it to the bsr and it worked fine.

NAT best practice


It is true that bsr54k and bsr1k doesn't NAT at all. What I did was to use a linux box as my NAT device. Why did I use this config? because you can upgrade more easy RAM into a pc than a router and is cheaper. And I think is a best practice due to the router only has to route, nothing more.

Hope this help

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