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MTA Provisioning

Hello Guys,

I would like to get some feedback regarding question that i have into my mind:

First of all is anyone using KEA DHCP for DOCSIS Modems and if yes, it would be really interesting to know if they can use and provide all different options with it.-

I think most of Companies use ISC-DHCP Server right now, and they provision the modems either by adding them manually to the DHCP Header or by using OMAPI .- How do you disable/enable MTA for different modems?
Do you configure on the top of the DHCP header the Option 122 with the value: to disable all the modems and then provision only the modems that are required by pointing to the specific Host DHCP Option 122 - SRV1 directly to the DHCP Server or do you disable them by using config files and mibs?
Can we disable and enable them somehow with OMAPI to avoid Restarting the ISC-DHCP Server everytime we add any host to the DHCP configuration.-

Last question would be about TR069.- Why would you prefer TR069 for docsis modems instead of doing the configuration via SNMP?.-

Thanks for all of your responses,

Best Regards