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Motorola SEM V8 Inital Configuration

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Motorola SEM V8 Inital Configuration

Hello, Jimmie Davis here
I work with CATV and Internet that the park provides in a little resident owned community in Florida. We had a V8 throw an Error of Upconverter failure and I am trying to access a spare, but unable to configure due to unknown Ip address which I need to even communicate with the V8. Tried different ideas on how to search for the Ip or trying to Ping the different ones we have on file, but no luck as of yet.
Any ideas from anyone here. Thanks in advance

Anonymous (not verified)
SEM v8s have a rs-232 console

SEM v8s have a rs-232 console port under the front bezel, which can be used to determine its settings. Just being connected to the console during the boot process would probably get you the info you need.

You will likely find either it has a statically assigned ip address, or that it is set for DHCP.

If you don't have access to a console port you could do a packet capture of its ethernet port and glean this info as well. though that is far more difficult to setup than a simple console connection.


Connect via the console port at 9600 baud and set an ip address. then you can log into it and make changes needed

I work for a smaller CATV as well

if you have the ip that was on the enet1 management you can log in that way too by converting your network adapter to be in the same subnet.

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