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Motorola SB5102 and Linksys WRT54G problems.

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Motorola SB5102 and Linksys WRT54G problems.
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Hi guys,

Am having a few problems with my new house. We've been supplied with the above modem, and it doesn't seem to be working with my router.

I've got a linksys WRT54G/S router, and have the cable modem plugged into the internet (WAN) port on the router. I then have a wired pc running from the 1st ethernet port and 3 wireless laptops.

I'm getting no connection, and have done what I can in the linksys browser page, have changed it from a gateway to a router, but that didn't change anything. I keep hearing something about double nat
but afaik thats the gateway/router options?

I can't access the motorolas browser page via its IP address, so I have no idea what to do. AFAIK The WAN port should recieve dhcp from the modem, and then the ethernet/wireless ports receive dhcp from the router?

Help?! Thanks! :D

P.S - Here is a network status view from when the wired PC is plugged into the modem, the only way to access the internet. Its vista, obviously.

Sadly this may not be the

Sadly this may not be the best forum for this question. This forum is more for Docsis network providers i.e. ISPs rather than End users.

However, I will dust off my old tech hat and give you some ideas, ideally you will want to get a hold of your local cable company's support and ask this question to them....

First off, when switching from router to PC are you rebooting(unplugging) the modem, some providers only allow one device to be connected to modem at a time, i.e. if you switch devices you have to reboot to get the modem to "learn" about the new one.

Secondly, some providers also authenticate customer equipment i.e. routers, pcs etc... You may need to get a hold of your cable operators support and inform them you would like to change the device that connects to the cable modem they may need to Authorize the mac address of the new device.

If you rule out both of the above, I then need to know what IP information if any your router gets when you plug it in after rebooting the modem :D? Look for a status section on your routers web page.

As for your router not sure which mode it should run in both router and gateway sound correct, but most routers come configured thet way that is needed to be on a cable network so I would also suggest resetting router to factory defaults. To do this you will need to consult the owners manual but generally there is a reset button located on the back of the device that is located behind a pin hole, which can only be pushed with a paper clip or similar device. Generally, holding it in for about 15 secs does the trick but please consult your owners manual for specific method for your router.

Some ISPs turn off the modems Web interface, so without consulting your provider I could not say whether that is a problem or not.

unless your running more than one router you aren't affected by double NAT as your ISP is handing out routeable IPs.

Hope that gives you some troubleshooting Ideas.

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