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Motorola BSR2000 and cacti help

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Motorola BSR2000 and cacti help

Hi all!
I am trying make cacti work for bsr2000, traffic,modemcount and SNR for upstream ports usual stuff but unfortunately I am unsuccessfull, maybe if someone is useing cacti for profisioning can help me with templates how to graph SNR and modem count, for trafic I think we whill have no problem but SNR what is which is wery usefull we cant make it work.
Cacti ver. is 0.8.7b and firmware of CMTS is 1.0.0P49.TRCU

Thx .

look on the cacti forums

look on the cacti forums someone already created a plugin that does this it is available from their forums for download.

Cacti Forums

Sorry, I don't where to look. could you please post a link? I would like to set it up in my lab.
the post itself, your running old code. you should look to upgrade the version your running



kwesibrunee would would be a good place to start.

Sadly the search function in their forums is not working, however I believe this is the template we use...


Is there a solution?

Could you solve that issue? some steps? the same just happened to me


Don't have that program

I don't have the cacti program, but if one or both of you help me get it and setup, I can find the answer. could as simple as the wrong oid. as for the current release, it's 1.0.0P59.07.TRCU and 1030 bootroms

Wrong OID [solved]

Hi group

Exactly it was the wrong OID's. This the OID that work for me now with BSR2000 (al least for SNR template for upstream ports)

Signal_quality_p0: .
Signal_quality_p1: .
Signal_quality_p2: .
Signal_quality_p0: .

For traffic what I did is to remove the graphics from the device and create them again.

Hope this help.

Software release 1.0.0P59.07.TRCU and 1030 bootroms

I am interested for latest BSR2000 firmware so if you would like to send it to me i would appreciate it. My email address is
Thx in advance.

old code

Hi Carl maybe you remeaber :) you helped me to upgrede firmware on 59TRCU quite long time ago I remeaber I head problems, I manage to upgrade boot loader but when I try to upgrade firmware BSR2000 ends up in boot mode I think it was checksum problem our something then I let it go for now, is there enything new that came out after 59TRCU ? I whill try again if not.

Upgrade problems

Hi Maki
Didn't know you had problems with the upgrade, email me a show ver, show boot and dir all

BTW Happy Holidays Too All ;-)

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