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Modems going off line NOT AN RF PROBLEM

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Modems going off line NOT AN RF PROBLEM

Problem Details:
Randomly modems will appear to be offline, one or two at a time all across the network all of the time. The modems come back online within a minute or two. There is no indication in the modem log file that it was offline, the modem does not lose RF signal. All of the modems have current certificates. This occurs even with modems that have "perfect" RF parameters. This problem started in early April at all 3 sites.
Two of the sites have Cisco 10Ks, one site has a Blonder Tongue CM3000. The modems are a verity of Cisco, Ruckus, Motorola and Zoom.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Does anyone have any idea as to cause?
Your help is deeply appreciated.
Thank you

What do you mean by offline?

What do you mean by offline?

You temporarily cant ping the CM IP from the CMTS?

The modems do NOT respond to pings

The modems do NOT respond to pings when offline, nor do they pass upstream or downstream traffic. They come back online without going through an init process and there is no indication of the event in the modems log file.


When the modem is online and goes offline, is there a point that the modem shows online and it doesn't reply to an ip ping, but does reply to a docsis ping?
physical delay, set to auto?
test modem connected at the headend, does it go offline as well?
modem transmit levels, what are they? as we move into spring did the field tech make changes months ago to improve snr and now possible issue with the laser clips from time to time because modems are transmitting higher now than in the winter is something I've come across in the past and worth checking

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