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Modem Factory reset

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Modem Factory reset

Hi Guys,

I need to do factory reset of the modem from config file.My Field support team was configuring DS frequency manually at customer end.I come to know only this thing after 2 years when i was trying to shift the DS freq. to different freq. So i have around 5k modems(35% Motorola,65% others)

Can someone help me by providing modem config file which can factory reset the modem.
Also can some one paste the TLv list & filter list/example which will be great help to my kind of guy.

The other way i tried is snmpset from cable side.
Only Motorola SB41xx/51xx are supporting modem factory reset via snmp that also require power cycle of the modem.Other modems Arris,SA,Thomson,Toshiba,Ambit are not supporting same.

Thanks in Advance.

-- Vishal Desai