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Migration to DOCSIS from Legacy LANcity

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Migration to DOCSIS from Legacy LANcity

Greetings all.

A grizzled cable modem vet here, but new to DOCSIS -- with many questions.

Going from the proprietary LCn provisioning server/CMTS frontend, MS Access backend,
SNMPc management, to a uBR 7246 and docsis-server3.5 on CentOS. Currently have an
all-in-one lab setup on the uBR and a handful of Surfboards up and running, so have at
least gotten that far. Next is getting docsis-server into the mix for additional testing prior
to some real deal field trials. Question number one is where is a nice php webgui frontend
for docsis-server and the MySQL database (modem) management piece? I've seen some
references elsewhere in the forum about such, but no actual references to where to find
something already tested and working. Second question is what is the SNMP management
platform of choice for those of you who use docsis-server? I've used SNMPc for years with
the LANcity gear and it seems like it *should* work -- unless there is something inherently
problematic with it -- like not liking DOCSIS MIB integration maybe?

Any initial advice or assistance with the above would be tremendously appreciated -- for starters!

And not to leave without at least a minor contribution, I've seen references several places in
the forum to Cacti and how/where to get it. I happen to use it and built my first Cacti box from
scratch prior to discovering a self-contained, self-installing distro. WAY easier!!! It can be found
at http://cactiez.cactiusers.org as a free download along with additional info about what it does
and what is included.

Kind regards,



Hi psmit,

I have not found a web-gui for that, tried to built my own, but it's still in development
and nothing really professional at the moment. So If you're interested I can sent it to you.

With my scripts you can add a cablemodem and add a subnet with options.

I would recommend to use phpmyadmin as a frontend to the database.


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