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Maybe OT - Diagnosis BSR1K

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Maybe OT - Diagnosis BSR1K

Hi everybody!

Recently my BSR1K went offline I don't know why and the fail led was turn on. I reloaded it and then it was good. Is there any way (different to show log) to know what happened?

I've heard by a very good person about a diagnosis mode for this device at start up. It is possible?

Thanks in advance


There isn't any diags in regards to the fail led, the docs would give the cause depending on the combination of lights. the diag is in the BSR2k, not the BSR1k (much older model). what version bootrom an image does it have and what colors where all the led's?


BSR1K version

Hi everyone

The version of the BSR1K is:

BSR 1000R(tm) version
Copyright (c) 2002 by Motorola.
Boot ROM : 00.03.01.TA

The color of the fail led is red. I read on the manual that indicates power failure or simply hardware failure.

Thanks in advance

not sw

the current release is but even if you upgrade the software, it won't address the failed l.e.d
is this an active system? customers on it, passing data? if it is and everything else is still working, could be it's running too hot. not enough air going through it to keep cool. what's the average head end temp? is it stacked on top of other equipment? space between it and other equipment?

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