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looking for provisioning with API to tie into billing system

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looking for provisioning with API to tie into billing system

I've recently purchased a small cable system - we are currently using IBBS BBX for provisioning. Since being purchased by Momentum Telecom, I'm not extremely happy with the level of service received. Also, they currently have our customer email accounts hosted on google apps for ISPs which is going away and will have to be migrated...I'm looking for a place to take those mailboxes..maybe my own server....

What I'm most concerned with right now is what is out there that can be tied to billing (Platypus) fairly easily, has monitoring of modem parameters and CMTS parameters and hopefully can also trigger alerts at preset thresholds if something goes out of tolerance.

emkowale ? I remember speaking with him a couple years ago on another project..

I'm preferably looking for a buyout situation without recurring monthly money or a small recurring maintenance charge is possible. I can provide the necessary hardware and hands to setup the system, I'm looking for software.

I'm not around here all the time, please email stephen *at* compsolutions1 *dot* net I can provide a phone number there for further conversation.

A little about the system:

small town, approx. 450 internet subs. plans from 1.5m to 18m download with burst to 30m
CMTS is 7246vxr, NPE-G1, 4x MC28U cards, running 2 sets of 4 256qam downstreams, 4 upstreams per node with some noisy nodes at qpsk, switching to 16qam upstream as we clean up the plant. 5 nodes + coax from headend = 6 areas. 2 forward paths, each approx. half the system. Planning to go DOCSIS 3.0 eventually. Modems are currently SB51xx, few SB41xx which we are replacing as we can get to them, Cisco DPC3010, Netgear CG3000D. Planning to support a business grade gateway as well for routed static IP, have not selected that unit yet. Want the capability to assign static DHCP for single IP, easily route larger blocks for business customers once we get our IP allocation. I know a lot of this can be done manually, I'm looking for some of the functionality to be easy to operate for employees that don't necessarily understand exactly what they are doing.