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Looking for mib/oid for d3.1 modem ofdm profile

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Looking for mib/oid for d3.1 modem ofdm profile

I'm trying to build a modem query script for our csr's to use to look at some ofdm information.
Right now I have it so entering the ip address of the modem brings up the ofdm rf level, broken into 6mhz chunks, then displays the average mer, as well as deviation of the ofdm carrier. Does anyone know of an oid to query in the modem to display the modulation profile in use? The profile # is all I'm really looking for.
I thought I found one, but after trying it, soon discovered that it is there, but apparently it is hidden.

This is what I'm displaying right now:

Modem ip address:
These are the OFDM carrier center frequencies, displayed in normal 6mhz wide carriers:

PLC Channel: 909000000

Center-Frequency 0 = 909000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB5
Center-Frequency 1 = 903000000 Hz - Power Level: .-7dB3
Center-Frequency 2 = 909000000 Hz - Power Level: .-5dB2
Center-Frequency 3 = 915000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB1
Center-Frequency 4 = 921000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB1
Center-Frequency 5 = 927000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB6
Center-Frequency 6 = 933000000 Hz - Power Level: .-5dB1
Center-Frequency 7 = 939000000 Hz - Power Level: .-5dB1
Center-Frequency 8 = 945000000 Hz - Power Level: .-5dB0
Center-Frequency 9 = 951000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB9
Center-Frequency 10 = 957000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB7
Center-Frequency 11 = 963000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB6
Center-Frequency 12 = 969000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB4
Center-Frequency 13 = 975000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB3
Center-Frequency 14 = 981000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB3
Center-Frequency 15 = 987000000 Hz - Power Level: .-4dB8
Center-Frequency 16 = 993000000 Hz - Power Level: .-7dB5

Average OFDM MER: 39.23 dB

Deviation of OFDM Level:+/- 0.73 dB

I would love to add the profile in use as well to this!
Thanks in advance!

Hmm, maybe not really what

Hmm, maybe not really what you are looking for.
Codeword counter for each used profile. But there is no relation to the frequency.
CWs Total docsIf31CmDsOfdmProfileStatsTotalCodewords .,docsIf31CmDsOfdmProfileStatsProfileId
CWs Corrected docsIf31CmDsOfdmProfileStatsCorrectedCodewords .,docsIf31CmDsOfdmProfileStatsProfileId
CWs Uncorrectable docsIf31CmDsOfdmProfileStatsUncorrectableCodewords .,docsIf31CmDsOfdmProfileStatsProfileId

it is a little hard to decode

it is a little hard to decode but profile 0 (or A) is the active profile for the modem.
Full path:

Previous sibling:
Next sibling:

Numerical syntax:
Octet String
Base syntax:
Composed syntax:
Max access:
read-only [r--]

Size list:
1: 0..0

2: 6..72

This attribute is a variable length series of hexadecimal
octets where each series entry consists of the following fields
(encoded in the following order):

- The ifIndex (4 octets) of the OFDM channel where the
downstream Profile IDs are assigned.

- The number or count of Profile IDs (1 octet with valid values
of 1-4) assigned to the CM on that channel.

- The list of Profile IDs (1 octet each with valid values of
0-15) assigned to this CM on that channel. Profile ID 0 is
commonly referred to as Profile A. Likewise, Profile IDs 1,
2 and 3 are commonly referred to as Profiles B, C and D.

The CCAP encodes each OFDM channel in a CM's RCS as a separate
n-octet entry in the ProfileIdList.

Examples: a CM with a single OFDM channel (ifIndex 34) and
four assigned profiles (Profile IDs 0, 8, 9 and 10) would
have a ProfileIdList value of 0x00000022040008090A. A CM with a
2 OFDM channel bonding group each with two assigned profiles
(Profile IDs 0 and 15 on channel with ifIndex 34 and Profile IDs
0 and 14 on channel with ifIndex 35) would have a ProfileIdList
value of 0x0000002202000F0000002302000E).

Note: the CCAP must not include the transitional profile or
test profile in the ProfileIdList.

Note that octet string lengths greater than 18 are optional.

This object is applicable to DOCSIS 3.1 modems but not to prior
versions of DOCSIS modems. If the CM is a pre-DOCSIS 3.1 modem,
the CMTS returns a zero length octet string.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for the info, guys!
Sorry for the delay in posting, had a rough couple of weeks.. mostly personal.. nuff said there
With the above, I may be able to come up with something that will work. I know it'd be simpler to simply log into the cmts and do a scm verbose command and grep the in-use line, but that would require knowing the cmts to select from.
I can do that, but with 22 cmts's, finding it takes a bit of time.
At this point I have to wrap my head around the info gotten from this info and see how I can use it.
Thanks again!

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