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Looking for Arris C4 C4c inventory.

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Looking for Arris C4 C4c inventory.

Looking for Arris C4c but will look at Arris C4

We are buying the following for stock:

Arris C4 Chassis

Arris C4c Chassis

Arris C4-RCM-01000W - Router Control Module (RCM) pn: 722013, ARCT01573, ARCT01817, ARCT01847

Arris C4-SCM-03441W - system control module III (3) for the Arris C4 CMTS pn: 799087, ARCT02502

Arris C4-CAM-40032W - 32D Cable Access Module. This is designed for the Arris C4 or C4c CMTS broad band system. pn: 793927, ARCT02331

Arris C4-CAM-20016W - 16D Cable Access Module (CAM) DOCSIS 3.0 pn: 722014, ARCT01687, ARCT01579

Arris C4-CAM-01240W 24U Cable Access Module - 24 Upstream Channels pn: 790599, ARCT02477

Please let me know what you have and at what price.