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Locked out of RFGW-1-D

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Locked out of RFGW-1-D

I was wondering if anyone knew what steps to take when locked out of a RFGW-1-D?

Is the console port underneath the bezel of any use? I can get in but the VxWorks commands are unfamiliar to me.
I'm guessing a conditional access IP was set and the device can no longer be accessed via the web interface, but it is still operating as it should.

Any ideas?


Hopefully the console port

Hopefully the console port isn't locked out.

VxWorks commands:

Page 233
Password Recovery
A password reset and recovery feature is available using the RF Gateway 1 front
To Reset the Default Password
1 On the front panel, press the LEFT & UP buttons together.
2 On the front panel, press the LEFT & DOWN buttons together.
Result:The following screen is displayed.
3 Select Yes.
Note: This procedure resets the default password to 1111. To change your
password, refer to To Change Default Password (on page 205).

Console Port

Thanks for that info, I can still connect via the console port at 69000-70000 baud, which lets me in but seems to produce some unusual characters while typing. The conditional access IP was set incorrectly in the GUI which started this issue.
Is there a way to factory reset the whole device?

That should be somewhere in

That should be somewhere in that document I linked

I would think that 9600 baud would be where it would work. I've never actually had to console into one before so I'm uncertain. Again, check the document--it should tell you proper console speeds.

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