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Does anybody know, how we can specify direction (inbound or outband) of filtering with LLC filters in CM config file or in CMTS? We have created these filters in our config files:

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCUnmatchedAction.0 Integer 1; /* discard */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCStatus.105 Integer 4; /* createAndGo */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCIfIndex.105 Integer 0 ; /* All Interfaces */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCProtocolType.105 Integer 1; /* ethertype */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCProtocol.105 Integer 34915 ; /* PPPoE PADI 8863 */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCStatus.110 Integer 4; /* createAndGo MAC PPPoE*/
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCIfIndex.110 Integer 0 ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCProtocolType.110 Integer 1; /* ethertype */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterLLCProtocol.110 Integer 34916 ; /* PPPoE PADO 8864 */

Thus, this filter allows only PPPoE discovery and initiation through cable modem, and block all other traffic. Now we are interested to specify direction of filtering. For example to block PPPoE PADO in direction from PC to ethernet port of cable modem. But we don't know how.

Most of the filters have a

Most of the filters have a from/to in their construction. Do you have a DOCIS configuration file editor? I know Cisco used to have one, but you can use PacketACE from Arris or Motorola's OEMed product.



Hi Frank,
Do you have a copy of PacketAce? I only have the Motorola docsis editor, would like to try a different tool.
let me, thanks

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