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LCD display on Cisco uBR10K

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LCD display on Cisco uBR10K

Does anyone know what the function of the LCD display on the Cisco uBR10K chassis is? I have never been able to get display to show anything other than the Cisco logo and the buttons don't do anything.
Thanks in advance!

Docs say

Docs say
"The LCD module provides real-time operating status and configuration information for the chassis and line cards. The buttons below the screen provide a menu system that allows you to display different parts of the system configuration without using a terminal."

But as far as I know with any recent linecards/PRE, it does nothing


I'd been told by one of our Cisco reps that it was an idea Comcast wanted int there, so the white shirts could look at a cmts and see stuff without having to log in. She didn't know if it ever worked.

They should have used pie

They should have used pie charts instead of bar graphs.. lol

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