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IPDR for dummies?

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IPDR for dummies?

So I've been reading a couple of nice things about IPDR, but sadly I can't find any software that is as out-of-the-box as a mibbrowser.

I'm currently messing around with some PNM and Full Band Capture Spectrum Analysis, looking to make some low cost field tools with a modem and a raspberry pi, but the update rate on SNMP is abysmal. I'm experimenting with a specially configured modem which isn't bolted shut on every port and I'm doing SNMP from the 192.168.xxx.xxx(the local network) side. I'm wondering if it were at all possible to do IPDR from the local network side and what software I need to do just the bare minimum to verify the MIB's(I guess when I'm trying IPDR I should call them SD's) I'm interested in are accessible. Anyone any idea?

Also: some of the PNM stuff is gradually making it into our network on a central level. Could IPDR give us significantly more data per network load than SNMP? Could it potentially give faster update rates for the FBC spectrum analysis?

My understanding is that IPDR

My understanding is that IPDR runs on the CMTS and sends traffic logs to a collection server

Similar to netflow, except netflow has more detail eg IP address and port numbers

The modem doesn't have any knowledge of either IPDR or Netflow

+1 for that too.

+1 for that too.
We want to collect the information of the customer and send them to a database.
Is anything free available and already done?

We use a large PHP script

We use a large PHP script that make SNMP queries to a CMTS (one query of each type per CM) and to every CM individually in our network (10500 CMs aprox.) and then save the data in a MySQL database. The data can be later acceded by our operators to get the present and historycal data of every CM.

To speed up the queries we "segmented" the script in four threads (the script is running in a server with a quad core CPU ). Every pass take about 20 minutes and we get:

US SNR (CMTS query)
DS SNR (CM query)
DS Rx Pwr (CM query)
US TxPwr (CM query)
US RxPwr (CMTS query)
US Microreflection (CM query)
US FECs (CMTS query)
DS FECs (CM query)
Uptime (CM query)
Node (CMTS and MySQL query)
And a few more ones

If you need more information please let me know. Best regards,


Take a look at braa (mass

Take a look at braa (mass snmp scanner). IPDR compared to SNMP is a lot less intensive on the CPU and is TCP, you cannot lose date.

It is different compared to NetFlow, for example NetFlow can tell you which IP did the traffic, but IPDR can tell you which SF did the traffic. Sometimes NetFlow might not be enough.


Yes, we use Braa in other similar script that runs every 5 minutes and reports the traffic level for every CM on our network. Then we use these data and our main DB to generate graphs for every fiber node and traffic plan. It's a really nice tool.

Best regards.

I was thinking to do

I was thinking to do something like that, if you have anything that could share with us it would be great.

IPDR info

I have seen some IPDR info and it doesn't really provide that much information. It's really generic information like MAC/IP addresses, bit counter for the service flows and some other fields. This is really dependent on the type of information you are collecting on the CMTS. From my understanding this is all done at the CMTS level so you won't be able to query the modems for this information. You could however look at targeting a CM MIB that would contain similar information. Just know the methodology on the IPDR vs Interface counters maybe slightly different.

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