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Interface Utilization

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Interface Utilization
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Hello im having trouble in reading Interface utilization we are using a Cadant C4c with 24 upstream and 12 downstream, in the picture I attached if you add the DataRate of downstream(15/0-11) you will get 334.06Mbps but if you can see we only have a DataRate of 240Mbps in our Gigabit port(17/0).

why do you think our downstream port and gigabit port is not in sync?

Things to consider


I think it will never be exactly in sync. I believe the CMTS adds up the Docsis overhead when calculating the % utilization of the Docsis downstream channel, while the Gige port will see only IP traffic. You can expect 5%-10% overhead, depending on your configuration.

Of course it does not explain the difference you are seeing so these are my best guesses:

- a lot of internal traffic that don´t need to travel outside the CMTS;
- a CMTS bug;

Hope it helps.


Thank you

Hello, Thank you for your reply @Msarmento, I see your cmts monitoring application and I'am trying to create application like yours to monitor all the modem Bandwidth usage on every modem, do you think it is possible?

Everything is possible.

Everything is possible. Sometimes it just takes more time and/or money.

You have multiple choices to do that. I will list some:

- Polling SNMP data from the modems. Probably the most difficult to implement since you will need to deal with counter discontinuities due to modems going on/off
- Polling SNMP data from the CMTS. That´s will be my #1 choice if I need to code an application.
- Use CMTS IPDR. Then you will need to write a IPDR collector, or choose one of the commercial packages available.



Interface Utilization

Hi sir,

I am not really familiar with the command line used to determine the interface utilization, we got Arris C4c, and don't know what are the command used to check if the current interface is fully utilized. Can I ask what are those command you used?

Thank you.


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