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Im Looking for Remote Support!

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Im Looking for Remote Support!

I have noticed serious problems with my system.

I have a Cisco uBR7246VXR CMTS with 4x MC-16S (6US-1DS) cards. (Only one is been used)
Im looking for someone very experienced with this equipment that can verify the configuration and help
me find what my problem is.

I am experiencing instability in my system,
Cable Modems network gets connected but they like flashing all the time while surfing.
I have been doing tests for days without results, need to fix this soon!

What im interested is into verify configuration on CMTS and connect only one cablemodem
directly to the uBR and see if is happening here.

Please if you interested contact me and we will make an agreement convenient to both of us.

e-mail: |
Skype: ing.juan.martinez