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I need help with BPI

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I need help with BPI

I have a problem with configuration of BPI.

CMTS - uBR7114
crypto ca trustpoint EURODOCSIS-ROOT-CERT
enrollment terminal
crl optional
crypto ca certificate chain EURODOCSIS-ROOT-CERT
certificate XXXXXquit

int c1/0
cable privacy accept-self-signed-certificate
cable privacy mandatory
cable privacy authenticate-modem
cable privacy authorize-multicast
cable privacy kek life-time 750000
cable privacy kek grace-time 800
cable privacy tek life-time 56000
cable privacy tek grace-time 800

cable modem - SA EPC2203 EuroDOCSIS
GlobalPrivacyEnable 1;
AuthTimeout 10;
ReAuthTimeout 10;
AuthGraceTime 800;
OperTimeout 10;
ReKeyTimeout 10;
TEKGraceTime 800;
AuthRejectTimeout 60;
SAMapWaitTimeout 1;
SAMapMaxRetries 4;

And I've got
May 16 11:46:47.910: Reading the root cert.
May 16 11:46:47.922: CMTS fails to find Root Certificate file.
May 16 11:46:47.926: Got a new manufacturer certificate.
May 16 11:46:47.930: Fail in verifying new manufacturer certificate.
May 16 11:46:47.930: %UBR7100-3-MANUFACTURE_CA_CM_CERTIFICATE_FORMAT_ERROR: <133>CMTS[DOCSIS]: Manufacture CA Certificate Format Error
May 16 11:46:47.930: %UBR7100-3-AUTH_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED_CM: <132>CMTS[DOCSIS]:<66030103> Auth Reject - Unauthorized CM . CM Mac Addr <001c.eabd.03a2>
May 16 11:46:51.422: %UBR7100-5-UNAUTHSIDTIMEOUT: CMTS deleted BPI unauthorized Cable Modem 001c.eabd.03a2

Time is OK, CMTS was reloaded after installing certificate.
Many thanks for any suggestions.