I do not have access to ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 Touchstone Data Gateway MODEL: DG860A with password of the day. | docsis.org

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I do not have access to ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 Touchstone Data Gateway MODEL: DG860A with password of the day.

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I do not have access to ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 Touchstone Data Gateway MODEL: DG860A with password of the day.


After several consultations here in the forum I already have the Docsis file configured with the OID necessary to have access from the Wan to the cable modem, I also add the OID that my Seed client enables me to be able to enter the cable modem management with the password of the day, now when I try to access with the password of the day it does not give me access and in the cable modem log I have this error.

SnmpMibObject i 1 ; /*arrisCmDoc30AccessHttpWan*/
SnmpMibObject HexString 0xffffffff8f873a28 ; /*arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed*/

here the log in the cable modem


Does anyone know what can happen because it shows me the wrong value with the OID that enables the Seed client, since in theory I have configured the OID correctly

Before you go to crazy try

Before you go to crazy try this experiment:

Here is all the necessary info to setup a AccessClientSeed, including the corresponding Passwords

Add the seed entry into your config, and verify your modem shows the correct date, and that you can log in.

Ascii Plain text Seed

DES Encoded

Add to config file:
SnmpMibObject iso. HexString 0x8ef7fe3cacf06f43; /*arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed*/

POTD day for next ten days
Date : Password of the Day
10/14/20: ZUEHJQAVCY
10/15/20: YUFH1824HS
10/16/20: HAXCHFSY52
10/17/20: WZ29M6WVMD
10/18/20: 28281IIRYN
10/19/20: OBFXNK707O
10/20/20: 1058GFKPGB
10/21/20: C5COQW8FY9
10/22/20: HE6ORO8XG8
10/23/20: QMNHY8O2HJ

I can't access the cable modem with the new info

Hello kwesibrunee
I want to thank you again for your explanation, I want to tell you that I learned how I should configure my Docsis file with the Mib to enable the Seed client and thus be able to access the cable Modem with the password of the day, however, I continue with the problem that does not I have access to the cable modem.

Currently I have the Arrispwod software with which I create my Seed personalized, then I obtained the encoded Seed in Ascii, to add it to my Docsis file, and I also generated a series of keys as you sent me to do the test in my laboratory.

Next I show you 2 queries via SNMP to the cable modem where I validate the Web access Mib from the Wan which is active, as we see this in value 1, and the second query is to the Mib of the Seed Key where it is blank, here the cable modem already has TLV 11 loaded with the mib / * arrisCmDoCAccessClientSeed * / but even if I enter via snmp the Seed key in the HexString it does not save the key, here it makes me doubt if it is a Fimware problem.

I attach images of the updated date and time of the cable modem, as I have created the Docsis file, here I use the Excentis software, everything shows to be fine I even did the laboratory with the data you gave me and I do not have access, it shows me the web page in white when I enter the password

[root@server ~]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c public
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.4115. = INTEGER: 1

[root@ server ~]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c public
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.4115. = ""

Please note you may need 9.x

Please note you may need 9.x for DES encoded seed

The release notes for archived 7.x software are no longer available, but found this in latest release notes.

Password of the Day (PWoD) functionality change from TS 7.X to TS
For increased security, TS 9.1 now requires a DES-encoded seed for Password of the Day
(PWoD). The default-seeded Password of the Day (PWoD) is no longer supported. A
client seed can be configured using the MIB arrisCmDoc30AccessClientSeed
This change applies to both WebGui and CLI interfaces. Please refer to the TS 9.1
Firmware Guide for details on how to configure a seed-based PWoD.


Do you have access to packetace? this would make your life so much easier with arris modems.

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