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Hi Team,

What are the open source security tools and user friendly for cable modem, plz guide me. So that I can use in my project for ARRIS modem.
This tolls should help to crash a modem or can hack other credentials or SNMP attack. This help I need for testing of ARRIS modem only. I don't want to misuse of it.
Please guide me......


I am not a hacker, I am the employee of ARRIS, Bangalore Team,India. To explore myself in security tool, I asked this above question for help.

The modem is running BusyBox,

The modem is running BusyBox, like every Puma5 modem. Kali Linux should be a good penetration testing tool for a beginner. I do not expect you will be able to find many issues, it is a very stable product and I can assure you that many big companies already did penetration testing on this product and issues are already fixed.

Good luck.

xsimio....... It's funny how

xsimio....... It's funny how you can't see this is a hacker, and you are helping him, if you are a CMTS admin your network must be flooded with hackers stealing service, and tampering with customers modems.

If you think he is a legit admin, ask him anything about CMTS's and his current configuration....
like I mentioned before this forum is full of hackers this is where they get up to date with the current securities and get tips from actual admins.

I will consider every user a

I will consider every user a legit user and help everyone in a non discriminatory manner with the knowledge I have, if I can.

How each user will use the information they get from here, it is up to him. Every Service Provider, in the same time, has access to the same tools and information. If they want to react to hackers or not, it is not me who should decide or enforce that.


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