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Help on lab setup for D3 VXR

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Help on lab setup for D3 VXR

Hi guys
I intend to ask some of my design guys about this but we are getting a Cisco VXR with the D3 line-card ( ), in order to build a small lab network. I have done this before for D1 on a VXR, using the guide at It worked well before-we are only talking about a few devices (the VXR will be moved about and we will get WAN connectivity through a standalone cable modem, as we move through various sites). Obviously, I would like to use the full bonding capabilities of the D3 card, both downstream and upstream, so does anybody have a rudimentary lab set up I could use as a template? This box will never touch our Core network, there is no TACACS,ACL set up will be minimal-its all about getting the devices online and simulating a HFC/DOCSIS network.