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A friend has a Cuda CMTS and docsis server at a operator.

The DHCP is allways getting Ip address requests and the server is allways sending DHCP Offers but not getting an ACK from the cpe.

Any tips ?

Thank you in advance.

I have
dhcp-authority enable
cable cpe max-ip to 4
dhcp-policy 1 permit xxxxxxx agent-option cm
dhcp-policy 2 permit xxxxxxxxx agent-option cpe
dhcp-policy default permit forward-internal
dhcp-authority enable
dhcp-relay add-agent-options enable relay-mode append
dhcp-relay server xxxxxxxxxx

proxy arp is also enabled.

You may check if the GW

You may check if the GW address is reachable from CPE.

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The gateway is well

The gateway is well configured ok.

It's rooting ok and is reachable from the 2 sides.

rooting ... Sorry , I meant

rooting ... Sorry , I meant routing. Did traceroute and ping , the dhcp config is pointing at the correct gateway.

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